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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Canton, NY's internet firm, Haenel Communication Technologies, is scheduled to assist with coordination and discussion at the annual Public Media Conference, to be held this year at Boston, MA's Copley Marriott, from February 20-24, 2007.

The Public Media 2007 Conference, titled "Integrated Media Conference" in previous years, is an annual congregation of internet professionals working within the public broadcasting sector, mostly from the U.S., but also from around the world. NPR and PBS stations from around the country will send representatives to the conference to discuss such high-visibility topics as "Social Networking" and "Community Engagement". Although these subjects are frequently discussed by internet gurus via their blogs in the general internet community, the Public Media conference focuses specifically on how they can be applied to the improvement of public service by public broadcasters.

Speakers will include famous bloggers and visionaries, Dave Winer of Scripting News and Doc Searls of Linux Journal. In fact Winer and Searls are scheduled for a "conversation between two legends".

Haenel Communication Technologies' role at the conference will be to provide assistance with some coordination efforts and to announce two new projects on which the firm is cooperating with the conference's organizer, the Integrated Media Association. The new projects are expected to focus on helping public broadcasters to improve their offerings to the public while enhancing their ability to more effectively manage their web operations.

In addition, HCT has constructed a set of online resources to be used for conversation and documentation during and after the conference, including a conference wiki and a conference blog, both of which will be hosted by well-know public media professionals including Brendan Greeley, Blogger in Chief of Public Radio International's "Open Source", and Bill Swersey, Director of Digital Media of WNYC in New York.

More about the new IMA/HCT projects will be made available after the conference, and also likely at billhaenel.com, the blog site of Bill Haenel, Haenel Communication Technologies' Principal Consultant.

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